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We have in the pipeline, a whole range of optional on-site special activities. Each activity meets in small groups in the multi-purpose room for approximately 30 minutes per session. There is an extra fee associated with these optional activities.

The following are some of the programs we are working with external partners to being to Just Us Children. If you are interested in one or more of them, please speak to the director. Expression of interest by a number of parents would play a important role in determining which activities are to be introduced.

Yoga for Children: (one day a week)
Yoga is an activity that promotes concentration, motor skill development and self-confidence. It is fun and healthy for kids, too.

Dance: (one day a week)
A wonderful first introduction to tap and ballet for children 3 and up. Your child will learn routines to fun music using basic movements in ballet and beginning steps in tap. Dancing will increase his/her coordination and rhythm skills. Special shoes and clothing are not required, but are welcome.

Musicare: (one day a week)
This preschool program introduces the children to a variety of types of music, musical instruments and music activities. The basic concepts of rhythm, tone, and tempo are explored through a variety of fun, learning activities.

Spanish: (one day a week)
Children have an amazing ability to learn language! This program teaches basic language skills in Spanish - new nouns, the colors and numbers, days of the week, etc. The teacher will reads books, sings songs and plays games with the children in Spanish.